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Tips for Making Your Bathroom Senior Friendly

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. In a sense it can be a fun place to be, we make ourselves look good, feel clean and fresh and so much more. But as we grow older, it may become quite dangerous. We get scared of missing a step and falling to the ground, slipping and falling in the shower or bath, and the list goes on. But the bathroom doesn’t have to be a stressful place as we grow older. Safety is essential for senior living and primary consideration when designing a bathroom or doing remodeling in your home. This post will discuss some tips for making your bathroom senior friendly.

  • Consider grab bars

Grab bars are placed in the bathroom to offer sturdy support to the elderly. Thus, allowing them to move freely. The best places to install these grab bars in the bathroom are around the shower, sink, or on either side of the toilet. While doing this, avoid using cold, sterile rods for installing the bars. Fortunately, these bars can be designed to fit the existing décor of your home. You can even use textured handles for more gripping and many of them have a bit of a designer look, no longer sticking out like a sore thumb.

  • Make it non-slippery

A bathroom can become slippery when it’s wet. However, you can prevent elderly falls before they happen. When retiling your floor, consider anti-skid tiling, or you can apply some anti-slip coating to your existing floor if you don’t want to rip out the old flooring. You should definitely use it in the bathtub or shower where elderly falls are most common.

  • Redesign your shower

A conventional shower can trigger an elderly fall. To make your bathroom senior-friendly, consider a wheel-in or walk-in shower design. This applies to tubs as well. It will prevent slips and falls in the elderly.

  • Shower seats

Some seniors have mobility issues and have difficulty moving around in the bathroom. Therefore, consider including a shower seat in addition to the grab bars. You can either build it into the existing shower or separately. Fortunately, it can be matched with the specific needs of a loved one.

Aside from remodeling your existing bathroom design to become senior-friendly, there are other safety measures you can take, such as:

  • A telephone mounted on the wall of the bathroom close to the shower/bath and in a location where a person can reach it if they were on the ground.
  • Ensure the bathroom door can be easily opened from both sides
  • Proper lighting is essential. A brightly lit bathroom will assist a senior to see clearly, especially if they remove their glasses to shower or bath. Ensure all bulbs are functional
  • Finally, there are plenty of steps to preparing your bathroom to become safe for senior citizens. Spend a moment in your bathroom and seriously look around, what is helpful and what’s a hazard.

These are only a few ideas, the ones we see as most essential, but we are sure if you take the time to look inside your bathroom and consider what could be harmful in any way, you will find others that require your attention.

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Hurray! The New Year is here again!! A time filled with excitement, joy, anticipation, and merriment. Seniors and young ones alike would want to make the most of this season. When planning such celebrations that include the elderly, there are specific care measures you need to consider. If you are searching for tips for enjoying a safe and fun-filled New Year with your aged parent, you have come to the right place. These tips will guide you to enjoy this holiday with the elderly.

  • Host a senior-friendly New Year’s Eve party

Instead of fighting the crowd at festivals and carnivals on New Year’s Eve, why not host one? Depending on your budget, you could host a great party for the holiday in your home where family members will gather to drink and make merry. You could make it more senior-friendly by introducing activities, games, and toast that they can easily participate in and enjoy. Making a senior family member feel special is a Christmas present they will always remember.

  • Limit the noise

One of the downsides of taking seniors to outdoor shows and parties during New Year’s Eve is the massive fireworks, poppers, and other displays that showcase frightening scenes and make a lot of noise. These can be disturbing for most seniors, especially those struggling with vision loss, mental impairment and a history of being a bit shy.

  • Make New Year Resolutions

During the New Year’s get together parties, seniors could play games with younger ones, challenge, motivate themselves, and makes goals for the New Year. They could also discuss their plans for 2020 and make resolutions as well. Family members could also remind each other of previous resolutions jokingly. This may also be a good time to talk about all the parties and events going on at senior living facilities, a calm conversation about never being alone not just during the holidays but every day is a safe subject. Elderlink.org has all the information you require to answer any question a senior family member may have.

  • Introduce theme parties

Seniors with excellent mobility can enjoy themed parties that include games that are more physical or even a theme party where they have to dress according to the theme, could be an all-white party or cowboy attire. For seniors who like to shake their bodies, a dance party would be appropriate, while a dinner night would be best for senior foodies.

You can celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another in various exciting ways. Family members and caregivers understand the needs of seniors better so they can plan the best senior-friendly party this season. Need more information give us a call, 800 613-5772 let the experts help.


Elderlink knows you want to care for your aged parents and show them more than enough affection because we cherish them. But there are times this is almost impossible because they might be suffering from a age-related condition and need specialized care in an assisted living facility.


First, you should expect some level of resistance from your aged parents. They might feel you are taking them to an assisted living facility because they are becoming a burden to you. Your elderly loved one might fail to understand the various benefits that are associated with living in such a community that fosters senior care. These posts will enable you to know what to do so that the transition process can be a smooth one for them.

  • Let your aged parents remain in control

No matter the level of objection from them, don’t ever let them out of the decision-making process. Help them to see the significance of the move, but never force it. Remember, your aged parents are the ones to live in the facility, not you. You need to allow them to be in control. The more you involve them in the process, the more the transition will be smoother for them. We understand is some cases this is simply impossible, but always attempt to keep them in the decision-making process when possible.

  • Give them enough time

Don’t expect to check your parents into an assisted living after one week of informing them. They need enough time to assimilate and understand what lies ahead of them. The fact is that life might take a different twist for them because they are moving to a different environment.

  • Work closely with the staff

The team at ElderLink and the staff at the assisted living facility are well trained. You can rely on their expertise. Ask them anything that concerns you regarding the move. Most facilities provide extra support and guidance to families. They can also assist your aged parent to transit quickly into the facility.

  • Help them to downsize

This is one of the biggest challenges many families face when trying to help an aged parent relocate to a facility. It’s challenging to convince them to dispose of a large portion of their personal belongings. Don’t rush it. Consider going to the facility and having  your parents sit in the room and get a feel for how much space there is and let them take the first run and trimming down what they can. The facility can help you and your family members to understand the right number of belongings that are allowed into an assisted living unit.

Transiting into a facility is never an easy process for the elderly. However, you can make it easier for them with the tips discussed in this guide. ElderLink.org is the oldest Senior Referral Service in California, we have helped thousands of families like yours. Here is why we are the number one choice when choosing a service to make this transition go much smoother. Experience, consideration sprinkled with a little love tells our story. 1-800–613-5772 or click this link to get to our website filled with all the information you will need https://www.elderlink.org/



Senior depression is not a new phenomenon. Research has shown that depression is most common among the elderly who may suffer from other ailments or medical conditions. For most people, the feeling of depression and loneliness is a part of the aging process. Irrespective of the cause of depression, you can help your aged loved ones overcome the challenge and live a healthier and happy life again. ElderLink.org suggest you follow these tips to learn more.

  • Don’t wait to be informed.

If you notice your senior loved one is nursing the feeling of worthlessness, depression, not talking to anyone, withdrawing from social activities and interactions, or finding it difficult to concentrate, you should not attribute these to age alone. Also, you don’t have to delay until your aged parent calls for help. Most seniors do not understand how depression feels and may not be able to identify it until it has gotten worse.

  • Help them rediscover the purpose of life

Most times, the elderly need to re-discover the purpose of life, if they choose to fight off depression successfully. This could be anything that gives them joy and a sense of belonging. You need to talk to your aged loved one and find out the things that quickly sparks their interests, what motivates them to get out of bed in the morning? Sometimes we feel we know what they are thinking only to find out after asking them we were incorrect in our assumptions. A meaningful purpose could also be anything that brings them a sense of fulfillment. Once you know these, find out the best way to incorporate them into their daily activities.

  • Help them make the most of social media platforms

Social media is always bubbling with fun and excitement that one can hardly have time to be bored when active on any of these platforms. Some feel it would to hard to teach a parent or the parent will say I am to old to learn that. In today’s digital age there are inexpensive digital devices where a person can post pics, write stories, one on one text or surf the web using voice commands. When you help your parents stay connected to these platforms, you will discover how easy it will make them adapt to their environment, ward off depression, and make new friends.

  • Offer them plenty of choices

Mobility comes with freedom. Hence, when many seniors lose such freedom, they quickly become depressed and lack concentration. But if you can help them regain control over their daily chores, it will help them feel as though they were still in charge of affairs, especially within the home.

Simple travel is an Uber away. Many may fear using a drive service, show them how easy it is to order one and possibly go with them on their first ride to see how safe and easy it can be to get around the local community for a small amount of money.

Depression is a severe illness. Fortunately, it is not without a solution. Use these tips to help your aged parents cope with depression. If you need advice on senior care placement for your aged mom or dad, contact us! Simply click here and you can call or request additional information www.elderlink.org 800-613-5772


It’s hard to accept that your aged parents need a higher level of care then you are might able or are qualified to offer. Going to a senior care facility is a challenge for most seniors and their families.  At the heart of this dilemma, many discover that they weren’t prepared for the situation. The fact remains that it’s not going to be an easy time for you whether you are considering moving your aged parents or spouse.

You might find it hard to convince your aging loved one to go to a senior care facility for proper care. This blog will help you know the vital steps to make it easier for them and yourself.

When is the right time to consider a nursing home?

This question is on the lips of many who have aged parents. Knowing the best time to place mom/dad can be tricky. Hence, it’s essential to pay attention to behavioral, mental, and physical signs. Most families make the mistake of waiting too long. Delaying the decision until something tragic happens and the health of their aged parents is placed in jeopardy.

The truth is that no matter the health status of your aged parents, the time might come when you can no longer cope with the day to day needs of caring for them. These tips will help.

  • Your aged mom or dad has fallen multiple times and has been injured.
  • They can no longer perform their daily routine activities.
  • Your mom or dad needs to be hospitalized regularly due to health challenges.
  • Your aged parents wandered away from home.
  • The doctor advised you to consider care for them.
  • Caring for your aged parents is taking a toll on your physical and mental well-being.
  • YOUR family member requires services to help them live a longer, safe life, your blinders may get in your way.

    We say, “Mom/Dad or both will be fine, they are strong, smart and know how to care for themselves”. When in fact, their strength is weakening, they are smart, but father time is slowing their senses and reflexes, and who really wants to leave their home to live in a senior home so they may think they can still negotiate to live alone.

    You must see the true issues and we are here to help.


    It’s good to plan ahead to relocate your aged loved one to a care facility in the event of a particular circumstance. You don’t have to rush this decision. Elderlink will help you explore the many options available for senior care, including Assisted Living, Board and Care Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  • Getting your siblings involved
  • We do not have to do this alone if you have other family members. If you have siblings, it’s right to make decisions that concern the health of your parents in harmony rather than doing it all alone. Endeavor to include them early in the process. Even if disagreements arise, you and your siblings will have enough time to resolve it.

  • Convincing your parents
  • Most seniors detest the idea of moving to a senior care facility. They feel they are caged into a corner and can’t imagine a life outside their house, and without all the possessions they have. By all means, don’t force the decision on them. But help them see reasons why assistance will be beneficial for them. This is where the assistance of an Elderlink professional will work best for you.

    The bottom line for most all is it might be challenging in the beginning, as time goes on, your aged parents will realize that you took such decisions because you love them dearly.

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