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It’s hard to accept that your aged parents need a higher level of care then you are might able or are qualified to offer. Going to a senior care facility is a challenge for most seniors and their families.  At the heart of this dilemma, many discover that they weren’t prepared for the situation. The fact remains that it’s not going to be an easy time for you whether you are considering moving your aged parents or spouse.

You might find it hard to convince your aging loved one to go to a senior care facility for proper care. This blog will help you know the vital steps to make it easier for them and yourself.

When is the right time to consider a nursing home?

This question is on the lips of many who have aged parents. Knowing the best time to place mom/dad can be tricky. Hence, it’s essential to pay attention to behavioral, mental, and physical signs. Most families make the mistake of waiting too long. Delaying the decision until something tragic happens and the health of their aged parents is placed in jeopardy.

The truth is that no matter the health status of your aged parents, the time might come when you can no longer cope with the day to day needs of caring for them. These tips will help.

  • Your aged mom or dad has fallen multiple times and has been injured.
  • They can no longer perform their daily routine activities.
  • Your mom or dad needs to be hospitalized regularly due to health challenges.
  • Your aged parents wandered away from home.
  • The doctor advised you to consider care for them.
  • Caring for your aged parents is taking a toll on your physical and mental well-being.
  • YOUR family member requires services to help them live a longer, safe life, your blinders may get in your way.

    We say, “Mom/Dad or both will be fine, they are strong, smart and know how to care for themselves”. When in fact, their strength is weakening, they are smart, but father time is slowing their senses and reflexes, and who really wants to leave their home to live in a senior home so they may think they can still negotiate to live alone.

    You must see the true issues and we are here to help.


    It’s good to plan ahead to relocate your aged loved one to a care facility in the event of a particular circumstance. You don’t have to rush this decision. Elderlink will help you explore the many options available for senior care, including Assisted Living, Board and Care Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  • Getting your siblings involved
  • We do not have to do this alone if you have other family members. If you have siblings, it’s right to make decisions that concern the health of your parents in harmony rather than doing it all alone. Endeavor to include them early in the process. Even if disagreements arise, you and your siblings will have enough time to resolve it.

  • Convincing your parents
  • Most seniors detest the idea of moving to a senior care facility. They feel they are caged into a corner and can’t imagine a life outside their house, and without all the possessions they have. By all means, don’t force the decision on them. But help them see reasons why assistance will be beneficial for them. This is where the assistance of an Elderlink professional will work best for you.

    The bottom line for most all is it might be challenging in the beginning, as time goes on, your aged parents will realize that you took such decisions because you love them dearly.

    We Will Assist You with Your Family Member and our service is FREE

    Call our office (1-800-613-5772) and one of our trusted   care representatives will help guide you through the steps.


     It’s not easy to find the perfect gift your elderly parents will cherish and use. Most gadgets seem complicated, and other gift items may not align with their present needs. Flowers may be too boring because they are common gift they have receive all their life. The best gift items to give your elderly parents is to get them something they would typically need and probably not ask for. Some they will know and others they will not but we assure you, it will make life easier for them. Especially as they are going through challenging times, they will need something to live the life they cherish.
    Our 80 years being in the senior referral business, has given us an advantage and better understanding what is a great gift/help for seniors. Check out our ideas below, we have done the hard part by putting together a list of some beautiful gift ideas for your aged parents. Feel free to choose anyone and surprise your mom or dad this season. 

     An Apple Watch Series 4

    This watch will enable you and them to keep an eye on their health as it can be connected to a larger screen and allows both to monitor them easily. This will be helpful if your parents are suffering from some ailments that make it challenging to move around. And, the watch is a phone, how is that for convenience.


    Mom or dad, the doctor said you must walk at least 30 minutes a day? This gift is a great way for them (and you) to confirm they are doing what they can to fulfill the request. This is also a great motivator; they can see the distance they walked yesterday and today they may want to break that record. Most important this device is what the elderly need to keep track of their movements and steps. It will provide them with useful feedback about the actions they take each day.

    Spring cleaning

    Take time off your busy schedule and offer to help them do some spring cleaning. More than help dusting around the house but a serious in-door and out-door cleaning. Even though this is not a physical gift, your parents will appreciate this, especially if they live alone and cannot do most chores themselves. Clean the gutters, cut tree branches, and mow the lawn. Help them with their laundries, clean the floor, and prepare their favorite meal. This assistance is twofold, it will enable you to monitor their health condition yourself and see what kind of physical condition they are in at this time and how fast they are responding to their medication.

    Robot vacuum cleaner

    Instead of allowing your aged parents to go through the stress of cleaning the floor themselves with a vacuum cleaner, you may gift them a device that will auto clean the floor while they relax and enjoy their favorite TV show. This is yet another perfect gift they will cherish, and it addresses their concerns directly. Seniors may have a hard time doing certain activities such as cleaning.
    There are several ways you can show your parents how much you love and care for them. This gifting process will make sense and offer a long-term value to surprise them. The gifts discussed here are those they will cherish. cares for their clients and their client’s to be. We understand senior living needs, that is why we are the leaders when it comes to finding the right location for a parent when living alone is no longer an


    A recent report from the Elder Justice Roadmap reveals that more than 5 million American seniors are victims of fraud each year. The issue is believed to be under-reported as most seniors don’t bother to draw the attention of the authorities after suffering financial abuse.

    Elderly fraud includes taking money or property illegally belonging to the elderly with or without the consent of the person. This might also include deceiving them from signing a deed or power of attorney, sending money through a third party for a deceitful purpose and using their property without due permission. This guide will assist you to protect your elderly loved one from fraud.

    Know the Signs

    Have you noticed that your elderly loved one is now facing challenges with finances and possibly can no longer afford his day to day needs? Are they sending huge sums of money to strangers? Or are they signing large checks to charity organizations? Such actions call for concern. This can be a sign that your aged parents might have been defrauded.

    Know When to Step in

    Deteriorating cognitive abilities are the primary reasons why the elderly is the main target of fraud activities. If you notice that your aged loved one is finding it difficult to remember recent financial activity, day to day issues or becoming more forgetful, it might just be the right time to step in and help them. Assume the role of a professional caregiver in this sense and prevent them from becoming victims impaired decision making.

    Survey Their Financial Records

    List out all the places your parents save their money and conduct a financial survey to see if you could find any suspicious activity. Investigate any financial transaction or funds sent to whom they can’t remember.

    Know Their Friends

    Prevent your parents from falling victim to “sweetheart scams” by getting to know who their friends are both offline and online. This can be a tedious, especially when they are not willing to open up with certain info. But you must make them understand that it’s for their good and safety. Share with them you too have professionals review your finances from time to time, so they do not feel like you think they are not able to care for themselves.

    Stay Informed

    Even when you can’t find anything suspicious activity now, don’t relent. Stay informed on their financial activities as much as you can. Let them know about it and help them understand the importance of their financial records online.

    It is important that you take the time to do some easy research online or wherever you gather your “What’s Happening” information. Share with them what are the current scams, let them know there are people who have lost their entire life savings falling for these professional scammers.

    Be sure they understand as best as possible not to open emails that say they are from the government, the bank or any financial company that want them to click on a link to their financial documents and it is probably fraud. Ask them to forward those emails to you so you can review if they are real.  

    Helping the elderly stay away from fraud is not easy but very important. ElderLink has been helping seniors and their families for over 80 years, we are here to assist and only a phone call away. When you need additional help with elder care, you can contact us (Elderlink), and we will be glad to help 800 613-5772



    To start you must first begin the process of searching  for an assisted living facility, can be an uncertain task  for many seniors and their families, it is often overwhelming. There are many unknown questions and answers between seniors and their families concerning what they should expect for the coming changes. Seniors are mostly concerned about how the transition process will affect them and whether their needs will be met in a new home. 

    This is where Elderlink’s expertise will assist you. We are the oldest senior referral service in California,  we understand our client’s fears and concerns. We have been helping families walk through these questions and compassionately answer each one. We have the knowledge, experience, and understanding.   Our long-term staff understands how frustrating and difficult this process is for both the senior and their family.

    With our assistance, guidance, knowledge, compassion and consideration, we make this entire process easy for families and the senior citizen.The decision and determination for many seniors are answered when they are requested to complete ‘Needs Assessment’.  Irrespective of whether they are moving to an assisted living, board and care, a retirement community, or a skilled nursing home, is to take the care needs into consideration to make it a good fit.  We understand how difficult this process is for the family and especially the senior.

    Before any referrals are given, we will take a verbal assessment of all diagnosis and care needs first, as well as the desired location and budget to create a match that will meet all the needs of the senior and their family. Additionally, the State of California will require a Physician’s Report, TB Test and a written assessment which will include  a medical history including other health care question.  All facilities are required to do a final assessment prior to acceptance into a facility to determine the level and type of care, a senior needs to best determine  mental state and cognitive health status of the resident and know whether they will need any form of special care such as those with physical illnesses all the way to Alzheimer’s Disease and all medical needs.

    This assessment will evaluate the health needs of the senior after considering both the
    present and past medical history. A list with Information about their prescription drugs will be required to best ascertain whether their needs are extremely specific and what to do if urgent medical attention or care is required. In addition, included is hygiene and personal care needs.  Many residents will need help from staff to bath, dress, and use the restroom. Hence, this type of assessment will evaluate such areas to enable the facility to make enough preparation for such a need. Moving to a new home far from the environment you are familiar with can bring a lot of uncertainties. Lastly, when selecting a room, equally important is, what can I take from home and how to arrange the new room to make it feel like home with treasured possessions. helps with those concerns by preparing you for the need’s assessment, and all with this important information, you can be sure that your facility knows what you need at the right time. For further inquiries about elderly care, please contact us 800-613-5772.


    Preparing a move into an assisted living facility can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Downsizing for the move often times isn’t as easy. It can be somewhat of a challenge for some families especially when it comes to deciding what to keep and what to let go.

    DOWNSIZING – What goes to the new location and what goes anywhere but the new location.

    Almost all families that have helped their loved ones to move to an assisted living were confronted with the issue of downsizing. We know that assisted living has many benefits, and exciting opportunities that surround you, but there is limited space. In our effort to make this transition simple we put together a checklist to follow in hopes of making your move simple and enjoyable.

    Cleaning Supplies

    Although it’s common for most assisted living to offer to housekeeping for residents, we recommend you bring a few cleaning supplies to keep your room the way you like it. Items like surface wipes, 409 and a glass cleaner plus soap, and other personal necessities. No matter where we are it is, we will need them to care for unexpected messes.

    Personal Items

    This is where making decisions may take a little more of your time. That great dress you bought twenty years ago for that special event you are still keeping just in case another special event comes around probably needs to find a new home. Lots of clothes you never really wear or wear once a year simply because it is in your closet and “Well since it is there you probably should wear it, when in fact if you never saw it again you would not really miss it”, needs a new home also. Items such as friendly daily wear clothes go with you, medications, glasses, and toiletries are the first set of items you should pack. All other items depend on the availability of space.


    Your new home! When seniors are moving to an assisted living one of the few things, they appreciate are items that would make them feel at home. Be sure to Include some personal decor items such as photographs, paintings or plants. The facility will let you know what you can bring but still since this is the time to downsize it may be the best opportunity. Talk to your loved one about what is most important to them to take before the move.  it is a lot easier to do that then instead of once they are in.  Many facilities can recommend a professional company who will measure out the room and make a plan to use the space to the fullest.


    Many assisted living facilities to allow pieces of furniture aside from the usual bed, sofa, or chair. If the furniture from home won’t work, you can look online, and you will be amazed what you can find at very reasonable prices. For example, a dining table with drop-down sides, a thin shelf to put possibly some pictures on. Include some chairs, there are so many items reasonably priced that are so innovative, your loved one will be excited with new furniture that is unique and yet very functional. 

    Household items

    You won’t need much of these since meals are generally provided. However, it may be a good idea if permitted to include a set of dishes, pots, a small microwave, and refrigerator.


    Limited space means some items need to go. Painful as it may be, if you do this all at once it is a little less painful with all the excitement and changes happening at the same time. We understand there isn’t a lot of additional space in assisted living like your home, there are many items that you aren’t supposed to pack for you to bring. Such items include:

    • Large furniture sets
    • Kitchen items
    • Collectibles
    • Rugs

    If you or your loved one are having difficulty downsizing for assisted living or choosing a facility,  please call us, our experienced Referral Agents at Elderlink Referral Service (1-800-613-5772) or visit us online (FREE OF CHARGE) we have been helping seniors find the appropriate living facilities since 1995. If you have questions, we have the answers. Let us and our Licensed Administrator help you to make the right decisions based our knowledge and experience. Licensed by the California Department of Health #960000942. Some facilities have kitchenettes in the room with a dorm size refrigerator, a sink and a microwave. This is all based on the facility guidelines and you will know what is acceptable and not acceptable before you move in.