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Do You Have an Elderly Relative?

Parent • Grandparent • Aunt • Uncle • Brother • Sister

Throughout our lifetime we make many important decisions that will have great impact on the future. There are books written to guide us for information for our children, pets, how to invest, diets, nutrition, exercise, religion and employment. Being the Adult Child of Aging Parents we have little or no training on what to do if Mom or Dad can no longer live alone. We never think this could happen to us or to our parents, it is hard to identify with or relate to.

There are alternatives to Nursing Homes for those who do not require skilled care. For some seniors who suffer from short term memory loss, some of the smaller homes will meet their needs, as well as large Retirement Homes for the active senior, and those who need some assisted living. There are beautiful facilities with kind, nurturing and caring staff members.

ELDERLINK is a FREE senior referral service that can assist and guide families to understand what options are available to them. This may be one of the most important decisions a family can face. We are always available to help.

Some of the most often asked questions are: How will I know when my parent no longer can live alone? Who will take care of my parent? Who is going to pay for their care? How long can they stay at the facility? Are there other people like my parents in the facility? Who can give me the right information?

There is no right or wrong answer. Each situation and Senior will have different needs. Some of the concerns are the following:

Poor Nutrition • Dehydration • Lack of Personal Hygiene • Falling • Loneliness

Depression • Confusion • Forgetfulness • Wandering • Not Taking medications

Making Irrational Decisions • Not Paying Bills • Repeated Questions

Let the professionals at ELDERLINK give you the tools you are seeking to find appropriate information. Our staff personally screens and evaluates all the facilities prior to referring them.

ELDERLINK free service to help you find elder care in California

We value your loved ones, we look at them as a whole person and want them to be placed in a facility that will meet their needs and treat them with dignity and respect.

senior care with respect


Call for a personalized list of referrals based upon individual needs

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